The Native Landscape


The Woodside Ranch Homeowners Association and all of our fellow neighbors work hard to make our neighborhood a fantastic place to live. This includes our attraction to and concern for the natural landscape which surrounds us.

We have decided to create and name a new Web page on our site calling it The Native Landscape. We hope it will serve as a useful resource to you as homeowners. We have chosen this title because the native landscape includes native plants, wildlife, insects, etc. that are of interest to us as resources that we wish to encourage or limit our impacts upon.

Unfortunately unwanted non-native plants threaten our Native Landscape. These plant invaders, (some carry the special title of noxious) can be prevented and existing populations controlled.

Because it is the season to control and prevent invasive plants we have chose noxious weeds to be the first topic to introduce on the Native Landscape page. We hope to include more information on this and other related topics in the future.

Rob Evans' 2016 invasive weeds advisory... HERE

Deschutes County invasive weeds ordinance... HERE

 Read more about noxious weeds...  HERE

Question:  We know bitterbrush is highly flammable, but what about rabbitbrush and manzanita?  Seems like they would have a lot of resin in those nice green leaves.     

Answer:  Rabbitbrush is just as friendly as a fuzzy bunny.  It is a native that would be a good plant to have occupy a disturbed site, rather than knapweed or cheatgrass.  There are several species occurring locally, not very flammable and can be attractive, depending on the particular plant.  Based on this information you should be comfortable to let it stay or remove it depending on your management objectives.   


Rob Evans is our Noxious Weeds Committee chairperson and has lived in WR since 1989.  Rob has a Master of Forestry degree from  Utah State University and worked for the USFS as a Forester and Silviculturist (applied ecologist) for over 30 years until his retirement in 2010.  To contact Rob with questions, suggestions or other information, click...HERE