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Welcome... the new gardening feature created especially for those interested in learning how, what and when to plant in Woodside Ranch.  We are lucky enough to have several OSU Master Gardeners living in our community and others who have a love for gardening who have graciously consented to organize a neighborhood group to discuss ways to support each other in our vegetable and flower gardening endeavors.  Although we live in a challenging climate for gardening, much can still be done!

Join in the Conversation!

The group is excited about possibilities for supporting each other with our flower and vegetable gardening.  If you have a question, contribution, observation, request or need information, send us an EMAIL and submissions of interest will be featured here on the Gardening Page.


Oregon Master Gardener Mini-College

WR Gardening 2014!

With snow still on the ground it may seem a little early... but the OSU High Desert Gardening Newsletter CALENDAR and TIPS have been updated.   

OSU Demonstration Garden

Join us for a visit to the OSU Extension Demonstration Garden in Redmond on Saturday, August 24.  This is one of the activities the WR Garden Group expressed interest in and what time better than their open house!  Meet Chris Miao at 10:30 for an overview of the garden.  Free classes offered throughout the day.  RSVP with Chris (541-383-3905), who will also arrange carpools for those interested.   A good place for lunch nearby is Juniper Golf Club. 

Whistle Stop Farm & Maragas Winery

Tuesday evening we passed around the information below and quite a few people signed up, interested in attending. If you would like to attend with us on August 2 at 6:30 pm, please get your own tickets by July 31 and then, if you have time, send a note to me ( letting me know you're going so we have a sense of the WOMEN (sorry guys) attending from Woodside Ranch. If you would like to carpool, let me know and I'll put you in touch with others who also would like to carpool. Whistle Stop Farm & Flowers is located at 65325 Pleasant Ridge Road (541-312-3636). Directions can be found on their website.

A trip to Tumalo Lavender on July 9th at 10:00 am was very enjoyable for all who attended.    

We had a great time on July 23rd when Damian Fagan, past president of the local Audubon Society, gave a talk about attracting birds to your backyard garden at Pat McCabe's house.  Also, Brian Firebaugh gave a short presentation about how to get your home designated as a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. 

Three homes in Woodside Ranch were featured on the Master Gardener/OSU Extension Garden Tour on Saturday, July 21st.  We'll have more in a follow up report.  

Our first WRHA Gardening Group meeting was May 21st.  We brainstormed ideas for the summer.  We'll be sending out more information about other activities soon.

High Desert Gardening Newsletter

Mulch a fire hazard?

Landsystems Newsletter

WR Gardening 2012 Events

Central Oregon Seed Exchange

The COSE is a local Deschutes County non-profit that promotes local food production.  For more information, visit their website   HERE 

Manure Exchange Program

The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation Sistrict has set up a FREE Manure Exchange program to assist landowners with removal of excess manure and offer manure to those who need it.  Details  HERE


L&S Gardens Field Trip Update

On Friday, July 13th, the Woodside Ranch gardening group visited L&S Gardens in La Pine. Linda Stephenson, the owner, gave us the grand tour! We ate our sack lunches on the porch of her home and she provided the refreshing iced tea. She talked to us about hardy plants, soil amendments, lawn issues, and so much more. She was very patient answering our endless questions. After lunch, she showed us around her home gardens. She lives next door to the nursery and uses her home gardens to show customers what plants look like when they are mature (and provides suggestions for plant combinations). She even showed us her favorite tools in her tool shed! There was plenty of time to shop, of course! Lots of flowers came home from L&S Gardens to beautify Woodside Ranch.  PHOTOS

June 28 gardening meeting update

Our new Woodside Ranch gardening group met again last week, specifically to talk about "critters."  The Hall's showed us the "invisible" deer fencing they're in the process of putting up.  They also gave us a tour of their beautiful yard, including the impressive tomatoes in the greenhouse.  Then we met inside to share ideas about "critter control" - not just deer but chipmunks, ground squirrels, rabbits, and other animals who want to share our gardens with us!  Lynda Paznokas gave a Powerpoint presentation on different ways to keep garden journals.  We enjoyed delicious refreshments.  Thanks, Ann and Grant!  It's so exciting to see our neighborhood gardening group up and running!  Photos  HERE

May 30 gardening meeting update

Danielle Sullivan hosted a well attended gardening meeting at her home.  For details, photos and upcoming scheduled events, click  HERE


 Amy Jo Detweiler at OSU Extension Service has graciously allowed our Woodside Ranch website to post two features from the High Desert Gardening newsletter on an ongoing basis (5 times a year).  No Newsletter for Dec/Jan.          

Here is their Central Oregon gardening Calendar of Events schedule for February and March 2014.

Here is their collection of TIPS for Feb/March 2014

Here is their collection of TIPS for Oct/Nov 2013

 Here is their collection of TIPS for Aug/Sept 2013

Here is their collection of TIPS for June/July 2013

Here is their collection of TIPS for October/November 2012

Here is their collection of TIPS for August/September 2012

Here are the archived TIPS for June/July 2012

Here are the archived TIPS for April/May 2012

Here are the archived TIPS for February/March 2012

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For those interested in a subscription to the High Desert Gardening Newsletter, visit their website.  A sample of a complete newsletter is available for you to view, as well as subscription information on the last page.  It is published 5 times a year.  The cost is $10/year for a color mailed copy and also by email for a one-time set-up fee of $5.  This is an excellent publication for tackling the challenges of Central Oregon gardening.  

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Danielle Sullivan's WR garden


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