Spring Cleanup is Back

The WRHA will sponsor a fire fuels cleanup again this year. This project is part of our annual recertification as a nationally recognized Fire Wise Community. This is a “sweat equity” program in which homeowners bring fire fuels to the roadside and the WRHA has a contractor remove and haul the debris to the landfill to be composted.  Dates are usually in April.  Homeowners should focus on removing flammable material within 50ft of their house and structures. Pine needles, cones, brush and tree limbs should be piled on the edge of your property next to the street away from all obstructions such as vegetation, fences, and utilities. The contractor will use very large equipment to scoop up the piles. Sod, tree stumps with roots, rocks and construction debris will not be accepted. The WRHA has individuals who can help you decide what to do most effectively.  

The cost is $250 for WRHA Paid members or $400 for non-members.  You may send a check and a brief note with your Name, Address, Email and Phone to:  WRHA, 61149 S. Hwy 97  #616, Bend 97702.  We encourage everyone to participate and make Woodside Ranch safer from wildfire


WRHA Annual Meeting 

The WRHA will publish all of the Committee and Board reports here next month.  Homeowners will be notified when this information is uploaded. 

Two WRHA board terms are expiring and you are encouraged to consider joining the board.  It is a rewarding volunteer position and a great way to impact Woodside Ranch.  The time commitment is very low and new blood will be welcomed.  For more information about this, or any other subject, or to submit nominations, please send email to:  

WRHA Annual Dues 2024

WRHA annual dues will be due on January 1, 2024.  The WRHA depends on your continuing support as our only source of funding for the year.  The WRHA maintains this website, sponsors the Summer Social BBQ, publishes a quarterly Newsletter and a Fire Newsletter, hosts an Annual Meeting, and so much more. You may also pay past unpaid dues to qualify for the Spring Cleanup.  Please support your volunteer Board and the WRHA by sending your $50 dues payment.  Mail the form included in the Spring 2020 Woodside Review Newsletter or download from HERE


New WRHA Fire Newsletter

The WRHA Fire Committee has started publication of a new Fire Newsletter, which will be published on a regular basis with news, updates, stories, events, and much more.  Click the "Fire Newsletter" link in the Title Bar at the top of this page.  Huge thanks to Chris and Ray Miao, Helen Webre, and Stella Larson for all their hard work.

Woodside Ranch Summer Social!

We are looking for a home owner to host our spring BBQ.  We have excellent turnout with Woodsiders bringing their home baked goodies and enjoying the weather and company.  Please Email us if you have an interest in participating 

WRHA Annual Meeting 2024 To Be Announced 

Winter Fire Tip 

WINTER FIREWISE TIP:  Warm winter days are the best time to limb up conifers as insects and diseases are dormant and less likely to attack in the cold weather.  Trees with brush, bushes and tall grasses under them should be limbed to 10', otherwise 6' should be good enough.

Current Wildfire Information

Finally, a website that maps out wildfires in real time.  "Wildfires Near Me" is a highly recommended source of information for pinpointing currently burning fires in any area of interest you chose.  Big thanks to Ray Miao for this great resource:

Real-Time Assessments for Oregon

RAPTOR is a highly recommended real-time tool for everything in Oregon from current wildfires to road closures and weather.  Big thanks to Jim Powell for this excellent link:

Winter RV Storage in WR

The camping season is rapidly coming to a close in Central Oregon.  Our CC&Rs prohibit permanent storage of trailers, truck campers, boats and trailers, snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles.  The ACC has made exceptions to this restriction as long as the vehicle is screened from view, either by a cover, structure, or otherwise mitigated storage site.  Contact the ACC for more information. 

Knapweed Advisory

Click HERE to access the information.

Speed Limit in Woodside Ranch

The Deschutes County Roads Dept. has notified the WRHA that the posted speed limit in Woodside Ranch has been changed from 35 mph to 25 mph and our speed limit signs are in the process of being replaced to reflect this change.  The Sheriff's Office has been notified of this new lower speed limit and speeders should be reported to their office.  Thanks to residents who have called infractions into the Deschutes County Sherriff.

A neighborhood private social network has been set up for residents of Woodside Ranch only by WR neighbor, PJ Johnson.  While not affiliated with the WRHA, it may be of interest to residents of our neighborhood.  For more information, visit the site at:  If you are interested in joining (free), contact the WRHA for an access code (as membership is limited to residents only). (


Value of Fire Fuel Reduction Efforts

Read this:  Our house almost burned down.

Fire Insurance Trends

Woodside Ranch has been working toward achieving Firewise Community status which reflects our committment to keeping WR safe from wildfires.  Ray Miao has submitted the following information regarding reduced fire insurance rates in Calif. Firewise Communities to indicate what could soon be a nationwide trend.  Click HERE for more information.

Invasive Species Update

Rob Evans has updated the Native Landscape Page with info regarding the latest on the new Deschutes County weed ordinance HERE.  

Light Pollution in WR

CC&R's require outside bright lights and spotlights to be used only as needed. More information may be found  HERE.  Thanks to various homeowners for her submission to the website.  

Here's information about the Deschutes County Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.

Reminder: No Open Burning in WR

June is the opening of burn season and we would like to remind residents that all outdoor burning is specifically banned year round by Woodside Ranch CC&Rs, even with a permit.

Bend Police Online Crime Map

Benefits of Property Fuel Reduction!


New Fire and Police Links

Two new fire related information links and an online Police Report link were added to the Links Page.

Reverse 911 Emergency Registry

Katie Lighthall, Project Wildfire Program Director, writes:  "Preparedness is the key to surviving wildfires, evacuations and other emergencies.  Please use the following link to register your cell phones with your address so that a REVERSE 911 Emergency Call can find you."   911 Link

Western Tent Caterpillar

The Western Tent Caterpillar has recently reappeared throughout Woodside Ranch, mostly in bitterbrush.  For more information on this defoliating pest click...  HERE